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Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu PS Clean Up Drive

The Outfit 637 decided to take action in their school. After a long quarantine school and its facilities have been left of the dust. My scouts voluntarily clean and sanitize the facilities of our school, Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial School as their part of scouting and as their community service.

The outfit 637 planned to have a clean up drive in our school and its area. During their weekly meeting they executed their plan as a commitment on scouting and to our mother nature. Because we know that no one can will clean this part of our school and its area so we take action on it.

The beneficiaries of the project is the school it self and and the people who lived near on it. We started this project and after we post it on social medias some of the outfit from our area stared to have initiative in different scouting activities. Sometimes we need to start something and have commitment on it so others can follow you about it and set examples from it

My Scouts learn that people should have initiative because we did this to our place in the first place. We called our selves us humans because of our intellectual capabilities but in reality we are not thinking simple enough to take care on our place and environment. We are responsible on what it is happening on our earth now we should take action now not just as a scout but a citizen of this world.

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