National Youth Forum 2019
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Madhusudan A S

National Youth Forum 2019

The count down for the most awaited celebration (involvement) of youth in decision making ended on 29th September 2019. Youth from all over the country started arriving at state training Centre, Odisha State Bharat Scouts and Guides at ITI Bargaon, Sundargarh. The Registration began at 9:30 am which continued till the lunch witnessing the participation of 181 participants from 25 states of the Bharat Scouts and Guides. The forum started with flag ceremony followed by assembly of all the participants in the conference hall..

                The Chairman of the National Youth Forum, Mr. Mohamad Abrar Shariff welcomed the Forum with his very energetic and enthusiastic speech which inspired the participants to participate with their full enthusiasm. After this the objectives of the forum were presented by the Vice-Chair Ms. Sonakhi Malla followed by the Do's and Don’ts session conducted by the Chair.

                After a short tea break, the Leader of the Forum, Shri. Amar B. Chettri re-explained the fundamentals of the Bharat Scouts and Guides and the Vision 2024. The Project Leader Shri. Madhusudan Avala discussed briefly about the Forum and the evolution of Youth Forums in India.

                The 181  Participants of the Forum nominated the Rovers and Rangers for the Recommendation Committee of the forum which was briefed by the Project Leader about their Role and Responsibilities 2019. Now the forum was ready for the formal inaugural ceremony.

The Forum was hosted byy Odisha State Bharat Scouts and Guides, With the Subsidy and support from National Headquarters.

There were 181 Participants + 10 Steering Committee Members + 9 Young People as Support Staff + 5 Mentors + 18 Logistical Staff Members = Total 223

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