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National Scout Service Month 2022

Each and every year there comes a month for scouts to do a service to the community and also to collect funds for both the Sri Lankan Scout Association and the School Scout group. That’s the National Scouts Service Month. During this month we help our community in their daily work and can collect a small amount of money in return.
This was executed in our neighborhood from 1st August to 31st August, where we scouts visited the suburbs in Kurunegala as patrols and served our community to the best of our ability by helping people by doing simple works like washing the vehicle, watering the plants, and removing weeds.
Through this project, we scouts were able to fulfill our duties to our society. It developed our skills and also unity as a team and also increased the bond between petrol members who worked hard to achieve the goal we had determined. Through this project, we were also able to collect some funds for The Sri Lankans Scout Association and also for the School Scout Group.
Through this project, we learned to do simple activities in our life and also to help others when they need it. This developed our interpersonal skills along with the determination of achieving a goal or a target.
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