Mask distribution and Hand sanitization program

In COVID-19 pandemic situation in Bangladesh wearing masks was a general instruction. But some of us didn't follow the instructions. So we decided to create awareness among them by mask distribution.
Firstly we the members of MOTIJHEEL GOVT BOYS HIGH SCHOOL SCOUTS GROUP decided where we should do this program . It was the time of Eid UL Adha so we decided to distribute mask on a haat . So we went there with masks and sanitizer and started distribute to locals specially who have no money to buy a musk . We targeted the poor so that they could be benefited.
We created a great awareness among them about the coronavirus and told them to wear mask whenever them goes out . The cow sellers were mostly benefited . They brought cows to sell in that hurry situation they made a mess and forget about the pandemic situation. So we awared them and gave masks to them.
In a pandemic situation we should follow the instructions of doctors . If we do not we can be in a great trouble.
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