International Coastal Clean-Up 2018

International Coastal Clean-Up 2018

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines on its 12thyear of participation to the this world event enjoins all scouting regions, local councils, scouting districts, sponsoring institutions to plan and organize their scout troops, senior scout outfits and rover circles to actively participate in the 2018 internationalcoastal clean-up which is scheduled every 3rd Saturday of September as part of the advocacy celebration of the ocean conservancy. The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is the largest volunteer movement that focuses on a clean and healthy ocean by keeping the trash out of the water, which aims to raise awareness on the extent of the marine debris problem; engage people to remove trash and debris from beaches, waterways and other bodies of water; identify sources of water debris; aid in better-informed policy decisions and improved solid wastes management programs and change behaviors that cause water pollution.


The Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts-SHS Rovers Scouts heed the call of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines-National Office when it released NO Memo no. 48 s 2018, that calls on scouts to join the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) 2018.


The International Coastal Clean-up 2018 was held on September 22, 2018 at Roxas Blvd. near U.S. Embassy, Manila and simultaneously conducted to other parts of the Philippines. The said activity was attended by different schools, universities, various volunteer groups, and scouts from different part of Metro Manila.


The ELJSHS Rover Scouts led the students and faculty of the Eugenio Lopez Jr. CMA-SHS in this activity: having 7 faculty members, 30 students, and 2 parents as participants. A total of 88 kilos of trash in 11 sacks with 2 kilometers of estimated distance cleaned.


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