If I could change ONE thing in the environment, it would be....

This project revolves around one central sentence. If I could change ONE thing in the ENVIRONMENT, it would be... We are calling on Scouts from around the world to share their thoughts, stories and ideas on what the environment means to them, by emailing or posting to our Facebook page a short video explaining how they would finish this key sentence. We encourage you to wear your Scout uniform, and please state your first name and country at the start of the video. We would also appreciate your thoughts on what some of the barriers are to young people actively engaging in the environment; and what do you think we can all do to help break down these barriers? If making videos isn't your thing, we would still love for you to share your thoughts and ideas on these questions by leaving a comment on this project page, sending us an email, or posting to our Facebook page! So, what is the end goal? After a little while, we will start to bring together your wonderful responses to produce a video montage showcasing what the environment means to Scouts around the World! We hope that this wonderful resource can then be shared with others to inspire change and guide how we engage young people in the environment. We look forward to receiving your wonderful contributions and please help us spread word far and wide by sharing with friends and others in Scouting! Email us @ enviromeaning@gmail.com or Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/enviromeaning
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