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Sri Lanka

Food For Our Feathered Friends

As I was watching the beautiful birds flying about in my area, I noticed that the weather was quite dry and there aren't many open water sources in the area. A bird feeder and bird bath would not only benefit the animals but also give me the chance to spot any exotic birds right from my doorstep.
This project was done at home by me and my family. We took some household materials lying about and made a simple bird table and positioned it under a mango tree where the birds often come to rest.
I have noticed that a lot more birds have started using the bird feeder recently. In this hot climate the birds have a bath to cool themselves down or get a refreshing drink of water. Not only birds but also other animals like squirrels have also taken advantage of this project.
I learned a lot about the different types of birds in my area: their behaviors, how they interact with other birds, their melodious chirping, and the beauty and diversity of mother nature.
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