Environmental day( vanamahotsava)  plantation service 2017
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Environmental day( vanamahotsava) plantation service 2017

On 5th june 2017 vanamahotsava programme conducted by Udupi scout guide and rotary lions club udupi at Dr v s Acharya trianing center pragatinagara manipal udupi. We Served by planting various hurbal plants with other rangers scouts and guides. Van Mahotsav is a festival which has started by Kulapati Dr. K M Munshi, the Union Minister for Agriculture and Food to create enthusiasm among masses for forest conservation and planting trees. It is now a week-long festival, celebrated on different days in different parts of India, but usually between 1 July to 7 July It began after a flourishing tree planting drive which was undertaken in Delhi, in which national leaders participated .citation needed The festival was simultaneously celebrated in a number of states in India. Since then, millions of saplings of diverse species have been planted with energetic participation of local people and various agencies like the forest department.Awareness spread as the chipko movement rose in popularity as a crusade to save mother earth
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