Abyan hassan

Environmental Clean-Up, Earth Saving

Whenever I visited parks and grounds, I observed improper disposal of waste products by visitors generating lots of garbage which produce environmental pollution causing degradation of earth environment and its resources. It has created and destroyed life on earth. As a park-lover scout, the need of earth saving inspired me to take up the environmental clean-up project through which my goal was to help the local community by conveying the message of sustainable clean and green environment.
My project was implemented at the Gymkhana Ground and Hill Area Ground surrounded by residential area in Naya Nazimabad for 15 hours. Our team consisted of 20 scouts and 2 non-scouts who were assigned different areas of the grounds. For the disposal of waste and plastic bottles, we used garbage bags and two wheeler dustbins. We collected trash from the grounds and dumped it in to the dustbins. We also performed the group clean-up activity and an awareness session for public in both the grounds.
This project benefited around 5000 people. The clean-up drive made the participants practice earth saving which spread the message of eliminating environmental pollution by disposing waste in the right way. The crowd of so many people by watching live clean-up activity, got to realize that for sustaining cleanliness in the clean and green environment, it is our responsibility to dispose of all our garbage correctly and how important it is to say good-bye to our day-use spot by doing a clean-up.
Cleaning the environment is the key to healthy existence and survival of life on earth but a tremendous amount of garbage generated by visitors of parks and grounds ends up as litter. The designing and implementation of the project to be the enjoyable activity encouraged the visitors and residents to take greater care of the earth environment and help the local economy by reducing environmental pollution. I would make this act better through more awareness sessions and frequent clean-up drives.
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