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Empowering Communities Through Immunization

A significant number of children in Bangladesh experience eye-related issues attributed to a deficiency in vitamin A, which consequently weakens their immune systems, making them susceptible to various diseases. In response, the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh initiates regular free vitamin A supplementation campaigns throughout the year. I actively engage in this noble endeavor to contribute to the well-being of the community.
Arrived at the location known as 'upazila Mor' and initiated the campaign promptly at 9:00 am. Over the past few days, our team has been dedicatedly offering services to a total of four rovers, and our mission continues with unwavering commitment.
It brings me great joy to be involved in initiatives for the well-being of young children. Through this project, children from economically disadvantaged families receive free Vitamin A Plus supplements, ensuring equal access to healthcare for all. Inshallah, we aspire to undertake more projects in the future to further contribute to the health and prosperity of our community.
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