Education for All !!

Education for All !!

This is a personal initiative took for the betterment of the community on the large scale through the mode of quality education to spread a culture of peace and at the same time give an impact on their community was created.

It's been a great privilege to say that when we're worrying to meet people's and finding reasons to work out and create a peace in this great pandemic when everyone is feared, here I as young ranger of our district found the hope of making aware and gave born to new hopes who can work on their own level with their different perspectives in the condition where they are and which has inspired a large number of Scouts/Guides/leaders and Non Scouts around the world to take action in their communities by contributing to peace and sustainable development.

Developed strong attitudes towards helping us near one's with the root level and overcome the potential challenges posed during this critical time when we are fearing to meet and help physically at least trying to make them mentally strong by providing them a ray of hope to make the world a more peaceful place.

In the lockdown time when physical activities banned the online technology enables her to exchange, and share inspiration through our Global Messengers of Peace Network, for project ideas and ways to take action. The unique idea of her educational programme provided guidance on how to implement project ideas, and the support which seems to be present necessity of one.

This youth program strengthen capacity by providing training of MOP to everyone our energetic youth, adults and the leaders by inspiring them through good turns and community service, doing to make the world a better place and spreading a culture of peace around.

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