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Distribution of winter clothes

Distribution of winter clothes among the needy We have a lot of people in Bangladesh who sleep on the streets in this winter. They have no money to buy winter clothes. And in no condition to earn money. This winter we buy winter clothes and are very comfortable what about those people who are sleeping on the streets this winter. So if you want you can stand next to poor people and distribute winter clothes.

Our project was implemented in 'Shaheed Minar', 'TSC' and 'Doyal Chatwar'. There are many helpless people around there. Those who sleep on the streets in this Konkan winter. We help them by distributing winter clothes and our program is successfully implemented.

Through our project, we fulfill the needs of the needy, poor and those who cannot afford to buy winter clothes this winter. And poor people have benefited a lot from this winter clothing. And they can now sleep soundly this winter.

I have learned and learned a lot through this project. I am very proud to help poor people with this project. And thus if everyone helps like us. Then many more poor people could be helped.

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