Clothe the Globe
Diana Carrillo

Clothe the Globe

This project was born at the 2nd Interamerican Leadership Training at Galveston, Texas in December 2014. It was proposed by teams Grey and Red: * Belén Río - Argentina * Lisa Gideon - Belize * Aidian Flowers - Belize * Heather Eskritt - Canada * Diana Garzón - Colombia * Samanta Torres - Ecuador * Durrel Flemming - Grenada * Luis Alvarez - Guatemala * Kurt Crawford - Guyana * Diana Carrillo - Mexico * Bryan Solorzano - Nicaragua * Alfonso Lucado - Panama * Palesa Soesman (Susy) - Suriname * Jordan Ramesar - Trinidad and Tobago * Bradley Corona - United States of America * Abril Alonso - Uruguay The overall OBJECTIVE is to facilitate clothing drives in our various countries to collect clothing, which would be donated directly to the homeless and other less-fortunate populations by scouts in each country through the help of popular local institutions such as church organizations, orphanages, etc. If you want to join, all you have to do is follow these easy steps: 1) Total hours SO FAR: a) planning = 320 hours (ILT and skype meetings) b) project in Trinidad and Tobago = Event 1: 330 hours (15 persons forming the Trinidad CTG committee... + more than 50 helping with physical arrangements etc.) --> 856 pieces of clothing c) project in Nicaragua = 545 hours (32 young scouts) --> 14,009 pieces of clothing Help us create a better world and CLOTHE THE GLOBE !!! =D
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