CKSC Scouts Youth in Dialogue: Scouts with PREDA

CKSC Scouts Youth in Dialogue: Scouts with PREDA

The People's Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance (PREDA) Foundation is dedicated to the protection of children and works to transform the Philippines into a corrupt-free society. The foundation has worked to prevent children from being locked up in small, cramped jails without basic rights. It also aims to provide rescue, treatment, and recovery to those who are sexually abused.

CKSC Scouts were welcomed by children who had the look of excitement on their faces even though they encountered such hardships. The objectives of the Dialogue aim to immerse our scouts as they hear the voices of various experiences between their PREDA brethren.

The CKSC Scouts have maximized their time with PREDA through interactive patrol games and taught them mind games through the community-donated board games. These board games ranged from Monopoly to Scrabble and a variety version of Chess as well.

Part of the project was the donation of electric fans and rehabilitation of the playground in which the scouts repaired the area by themselves.

Living up to BP’s and scouting’s promise, “Do a good turn daily”



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