Children told the importance of education

On World Peace Day by Rovers, children of Bihari Basti Center run by Seva Bharti under Sustainable Development Goal 4 Quality Education gave information about education, cleanliness, environmental protection and Yoga .In the program, members of Bhamashah and other institutions in the city gave education related items to the children. The people of the settlement also cooperated. Basti people will send their children to school and small children to study in Anganwadi..
Talked about this in the first group and took advice from your leader. Our project was done for the children of Basti. Told them about cleanliness around them. Rovers collaborated on the project. We worked for 10 days. Made the people of the settlement aware about education.
The project had an impact. Told the children of the settlement the importance of education. In the settlement, the people went from house to house and made them aware for education. And people cooperated in the settlement. Told them about cleanliness. And he keeps the place around him clean.
We learned a lot from the project. How are young children educated? He told them the importance of education. How can their parents also send their children to school? He learned too. We learned to lead leadership.
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