World Education Day: we educate through action!

At Scouts, we educate through action! No stands, no exhibitions or speeches. For World Education Day, on 24. January, as throughout the year, our Scouts are where the community need them. This year, it will be alongside the families affected by the floods.

Young people with 18 years of age or older, chiefs or commissioners. They are more than a hundred to have already volunteered in the different accommodation sites or to intervene in the different neighborhoods throughout the coming week.

They will support the rescue teams, with the support of our partners such as UNICEF. Health situation obliges, all Scouts present on the ground will have to comply with strict health instructions.

Indeed, these are two of the pillars of the educational method of Scouting: educating through action, and having a social impact. It is through this method that more than 57 million young Scouts around the world develop their full potential while helping to create a better world (the vision of Scouting). This makes it the largest coordinated youth movement for the achievement of the thirteenth SDG to "take urgent action to fight against climate change and its impacts."

In Madagascar, Scouting has helped to forge many of the country's greatest personalities for almost 100 years. From Professor Ratsimamanga (one of the five very first Malagasy Scouts), to Pastor RAMINO Paul, through the poets RADO and Samuel Randria. And even today, the parents of more than 54,000 young people trust Scouting (including 23,000 Tily Scouts) to make them a today's leaders .

Credit Photos : Tily Eto Madagasikara/Faresa Mahavita & Andy Rajotiana (Mi-Tily Sary)

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