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Visit to TIFR on National science Day

St Vincent De Paul High school from Bhayander Maharashtra Visited Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research Colaba On 26th February 2023 Activities covered in TIFR 1. DESIGN EDUCATION WORKSHOP - to explain someone about school using pocket diary 2. LAB VISIT A. clean room technology - application to make use of electron spin in *spintronic* instead of conventional electron speed which will enhance high speed data transfer. B. How to make biomolecules visible in body using flouroscene - helpful in diagnosing cancer cells C. Usage of probability and errors in computer science - case based study D. Genetic components under microscope E. Rat brain F. Demonstration of liquid nitrogen 3. BLACK SPOTS ON SUN THROUGH TELESCOPE 4. GLASS BLOWING - pyrex glass v/s quartz 5. SOME AMAZING PHYSICS TRICKS
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