Scouts' Commitment to SDGs in Ambohitseheno!

Scouts' Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the Training Camp, 1st and 2nd Degree Stage for Unit Leaders in Ambohitseheno! 🤝🏕️ The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issue a call to action, urging us to promote prosperity while safeguarding the planet. Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, Scouts responded to this call, aligning with our fundamental mission: creating a better world. Together, we aim to take this commitment further by actively contributing to these goals. During the Unit Leaders' training camp in Ambohitseheno, we had the exciting opportunity to raise awareness among our leaders about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a series of dynamic and interactive activities. Here's an overview of these stands: - SDG Dice Challenge: Engaging game where participants use dice to share their understanding of specific SDGs. - Wheel of Knowledge: Dynamic activity involving a spinning wheel and quiz questions to assess knowledge about each SDG. - Puzzles on Responsible Global Citizenship: Challenges leaders with puzzles focused on qualities related to each SDG. - City and Community Observation Challenge: Leaders draw a city to enhance observation skills in urban and community planning. - Ideal City Writing Exercise: Expression of thoughts on the ideal city through a writing exercise. - Local Project Showcase: Presentation of a local project related to the SDGs, encouraging consideration of local contributions. - Advocacy and Defense of Common Causes on SDGs: Animation and presentation of a cause related to the 17 SDGs using a randomly selected technique. - Recap and Resources: Final stand providing a comprehensive recap and tools/resources for SDG understanding. Under the guidance of Tamby Rakotoarimanana, National Commissioner, Trainer, Responsible for Adult Leader Training in Scouting, and Haja Andriatsimba, International Commissioner Advisor, these interactive stands not only introduced leaders to the 17 SDGs but also encouraged the creation of games to effectively convey and apply these SDGs to their units. A huge thanks to all participants for their active involvement and dedication to making a positive impact. Together, as Scouts, we are ready to act, inspire, and work hand in hand for a better and more sustainable future.
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