NSO COMMUNICATION ON THE 100 YEARS OF SCOUTING IN NIGERIA  The Scout Association of Nigeria - Nigeria National Scout Organization celebrates "SUNRISE DAY" as a way of marking the 100 years of Scouting in Nigeria. Scouting started in Nigeria on the 21st of November 1915, eight years after it was started Worldwide by Lord Robert Stephenson-Smyth Baden Powell in 1907. Scouting in Nigeria was introduced by the then Governor-General of Nigeria, Lord Lugard under the British Protectorates as Boy Scout of Nigeria registered under the International Scout Centre at Ottawa Canada. In 1942 , The Boy Scout of Nigeria (BSN) was registered under the Company Allied Matters of 1924 as the Boy Scout Association of Nigeria with the Second Governor-General, the Prime Minister of Lagos Protectorate and the Anglican Bishop of Lagos then being the very first Board of Trustee Members of the Boy Scout Association of Nigeria. In 1960 shortly after the Independence, Chief Dr, Nnamdi Azikwe, the First Nigeria President General became the Chief Scout of Nigeria. Same in 1961,Boy Scout Association of Nigeria was registered at International Scout Bureau in Ottawa Canada as a National Scout Organization. The International Scout Bureau later became World Scout Bureau that has it's Headquarters today at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Notable Scout Leader that have led Scouting in the early 60s, in Nigeria was CC Mojekwu, The First Nigeria Chief Commissioner. After the Civil War tagged "No Victor, No Vanquish" General Yakubu Gowon, the then President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigeria Armed Forces became the Chief Scout of Nigeria from 1966 - 1975. General Yakubu Gowon- GCFR contributed to Scouting in Nigeria and most of the Law that established Voluntary Organizations especially Scouting were reinforced. Notable Scouts in Nigeria in the 70s through 90s were but not limited to: General Yakubu Gowon-GCFR, General Muhammadu Buhari - GCFR, then as the Head of State of Nigeria, in 1983, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo - GCFR, then Head of State in 1979, Chief S. Lambo, a one time Chief Scout of Nigeria, Alhaji Inuwa Ada, a one time Chief Scout of Nigeria, Pa. B. B. Shotade, Pa. Adepeju, Pa. Adekunle, Pa. Samson Yayok, Chief Effiom Okon, Chief Cornelius Taiwo,, Elder Aki Eyo. In 1999 after the World Scout Conference of Durbar South Africa that Resolution 4/99 was adopted by the Conference on Gender Balance in Scouting and urged all National Scout Organization to align on the Gender Balance Programs in their various Countries. The Annual General Meeting of Boy Scout Association of Nigeria was called In 1999 and It was passed by the National Scout Council that; the names BOY SCOUT ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA should be changed to THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA, so as to accommodate all Genders both Boys, Girls, Men and Women. The Leaders that stewarded the AGM then were Chief S. Lambo of blessed memories, the then Chief Scout of Nigeria, Alhaji Inuwa Ada, a Centegiarian Deputy Chief Scout of Nigeria then, that later became the Chief Scout of Nigeria. Alhaji Inuwa Ada is still very much alive today at the age of about 107 years. Chief Effiom Okon, the then Chief Commissioner of Scout of Nigeria of blessed memories. Nigeria National Scout Association, strategized in 2008 shortly after then came back from the World Scout Jamboree in Essex UK. The Jamboree that celebrated Scouting 100 years. In 2010, the Association got yet another Leadership, namely; Engr. Ahmadu Rufai Mohammed - MON as the Chief Scout of Nigeria from 2010 - 2012 and Rev. Father Kunle Amolegbe - a Catholic Reverend Father as the then Chief Commissioner of Scout of Nigeria. In the course of this Administration, there were some Constitutional Issues that led to the emergency of yet another Reverend Father Mathias Opara as yet another Chief Commissioner Scout of Nigeria. This issues of miss-alignment got the attention of the outgone Secretary General of WOSM, Mr. Luc Panissod , The then Africa Scout Committee Chairperson, Ms. Jemima Nartey and the Africa Regional Director, Dr. Fredric Tutu Kama-kama. A meeting was called in Ghana to resolve the Issues of Constitution miss-alignment. In 2012, the National Scout Council of The Scout Association of Nigeria, put a 10 Man Interim Committee in place headed by Evangelist (Chief) Stephen Etanoma, saddled with two key responsibilities namely: To review the Constitution of the Scout Association of Nigeria and to Usher in a fresh Annual General Meeting to bring in new Leadership into Scouting Nigeria. The Constitution of Scout of Nigeria was reviewed by team of some Legal Luminaries that were Scouts and was sent to the World Scout Committee Constitution Review Sub-Committee to review the Constitution and got the endorsement of the World Scout Committee for use. An Annual General Meeting was organized on the 28th of June 2013 at the Auditorium of the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja and same AGM was attended by the Regional Director, Dr. Fredric Kama-kama. This same AGM brought back Engr. Ahmadu Rufai Mohammed-MON as the Incumbent Chief Scout of Nigeria. Shortly, three months after the Annual General Meeting, yet another National Scout Council Meeting was held at Utham Dan Fodio Institute of Education in Sokoto and this National Scout Council Meting brought in the Incumbent Chief Commissioner of Scout, Olori Omo-Oba Olusoga Sofolahan-Atibioke from a well contested Elections. NB: CC positions are done by appointments, however, if we have more than One recommendations for this position, they will go into elections; hence the election contested amongst three candidates. Over the last two years, Scouting in Nigeria has turned around as it is not only known in Nigeria, but within the World Scouting Bodies. Below are some of the Achievement of The Scout Association of Nigeria over the last 24 months. 1) Cleared all her outstanding Financial Obligations to WOSM, 2) Re-establishment of Scouting back at Nigeria Schools. 3) Organized 2014, 2015 Annual General Meetings & 1st to 6th National Executive Committee meetings as Planned. 4) Attended World Scout Conference in Ljubljana Slovenia 5) Participated at All African Scout Conferences 2012, 2015 6) Attended West Africa Scout Conferences 2013, 2015. 7) Member Commonwealth Scout Association 8) Member Board o Trustees of Africa Scout Foundation 9) Participated at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan 10) Participated in the Africa Scout Day in Ethiopia 11) Member Messengers of Peace Initiatives in Africa. 12) Got the Boy Scout Association of Nigeria 1990 Law reviewed to The Scout Association of Nigeria Law of 2015 13) Increased Visibility of Scouting in Nigeria, got Governors of Lagos, Edo, Kogi, Ondo, Benue, Anambra, Osun, Kano, Akwa Ibom Invested as the State Scout Patrons of their States. 14) Re-engineered the Nigeria Scout Bureau in alignment with Vision 2023 and the 2014 - 2017 Triennial Plans. 15) Established New National Board of Trustees Members for the Scout Association of Nigeria, namely: His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II - CON, Sarkin Kano, His Royal Majesty Orchivirigh Dr. Alfred Akawe Torkula, Tor-Tiv IV, His Royal Majesty King Edward Asimini Dappa Pepple XI, The Perekule of Bonny Kingdom, Her Lordship Hon. Justice Gladys Olateru Olagbegi - OFR, Professor Ibrahim Adegbola Gambari - CFR, His Lordship Hon. Justice Peter Nnenna Umeadi - FArib, Iyalode Alaba Lawson - MFR, and Senator Olabode Olajumoke - OON. 16) As part of our Centenary Celebrations, The Governor of Ondo State, Governor Rahman Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State Nigeria and Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State treated the National Scout Council members and members of their States Scout Councils to Grand Banquets Receptions with Various Live Music on stand to entertain members of The Scout Association of Nigeria. Equally Ogun State, Kwara State have organized a National Scout Camporee that treated Scouts from the 36 States of Nigeria to different Scouting Skills. While we have schedule next year 2016 for Centenary Celebrations that will involve the Federal Government, we are using this medium to communicate our SUN RISE DAY that shall be organized on the 21st of November 2015 at 08:00 Hours in the morning, when all Scouts in Nigeria are expected to be in their Uniform and organize Various Programs for the day. However at exactly 08:00 HOURS, The Scout Promise should be said at every nooks and crannies in Nigeria, Jumat and Church Services should be held around within the Country by Scouts. Photographs of all the events for that day, should be shared with the National Office through our Chief Executive Commissioner, Prince Abdullahi Simple Mohammed on:; copy:; The programs itemized for the Celebration next year are as follows: 1) West Africa Scout Conference & Youth Forum at 2) Nigeria International Scout Jamboree at Abuja. 3) Grand Finale of the Nigeria Scouting Centenary Celebrations While counting on the foregoing, please let us all be out to celebrate this success of 100 years Anniversary of ours. Good Hunting, Good Scouting Very truly yours in Scouting,   Olusoga Sofolahan-Atibioke (Olori Omo-Oba) LT, FSM, FCE, The Chief Commissioner, Scout of Nigeria The Scout Association of Nigeria. Copied: Chief Scout of Nigeria, Engr. Ahmadu Rufai Mohammed – MON National Board of Trustee Members National Scout Council & National Scout Committee WOSM
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