Save the Birds and Save Nature

Birds are one of the beautiful gifts which we have from the Nature. Birds need fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing. Most birds drink water every day. They also seem to enjoy bathing to clean their plumage and remove parasites. Providing water improves habitat for birds, but in this summer days we humans forget to give them waters regularly. Those cute birds who are not able to find their own foods how can they find drinking water in this summer days. To give water regularly the Rovers of Alipurduar District Association Northeast Frontier Railway Bharat Scouts and Guides organised a 'feeding water to birds campaign' which is started from 21th May 2023 and continue till the summer ends. The Rovers make a pot with the help of wire and bottles and hang it on the tree branches, at this way birds can easily find their necessary drinking water. Save the nature is one of the most essential work of the 'Scouts'. So we firstly started with this 'feeding the birds' campaign. With this campaign we can help the birds and also we can motivate the youths to take up this kind of initiatives. We can set a mark onto the hearts of the peoples lived in Alipurduar for arranging water for birds at their homes as well. Saving birds is most necessary nowadays because we see a birds crisis in this modern technical world. With our this small initiative we can boost the youths to take up more projects like that's and helped to creating a better world with full of birds and nature.
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