Safe From Harm Week Celebrated in Anantnag

Scouts and Guides of Froebel Public School Anantnag Kashmir celebrated Safe from Harm Week in the school. The week was marked by engaging children through various related activities like Poster making, Nukad Natak, Discussions and speeches by students. adults.

Final day of the week (21st of MY 2022) was marked by presentation of the street play or Nukad Natak, On Spot Poster making and Speeches by the students of the school and also by the adult leaders. The students showed great interest in highlighting the challenges and problems faced by the children which are harmful and dangerous to their life and wellbeing.

The final performance was also attended by the delegates from Childline Anantnag Mr. Riyaz Ahmad and Ms. Zahida Hassan.They highlighted the importance of the child rights, issues, laws and conventions. They also explained to the children how to seek help when in distress.

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