Nur Adira

ROVERS TO NATURE Coastal Clean-up & Society

ROVERS TO NATURE Coastal Clean-up & Society project is the name of the project. We were cleaning the beach and collect all of the rubbish at the beach. We also have saved some of seashells that have been trapped for don’t know how long time. A lot of rubbish and trash that we managed to collect such as, plastic, bottle, pampers, cup, glass, stale food, leftovers and many more. We also manage to saved a few of marine life such as fish, shells, marine plants and a few more. The programme have taught us to always take good care of nature and biodiversity as it is very important for us to living a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy planet. I also learn about life below water and how the clean energy can affect the climate action.
Clean Energy
Healthy Planet
Nature and Biodiversity
Environment and Sustainability