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Marchang the Wine Offering Ceremony

Bhutan's unique tradition of Marchang ceremony (Wine offering ceremony) is one of the most important event celebrated before beginning any program in the country. The rich culture of offering Marchang to heavenly and earthly Gods makes our planned programs successful and meaningful too. We see such ceremonial activities are done only by high officials. However, I feel all the Bhutanese citizen must know the importance and ways to perform the Marchang Ceremony. First, I explained the names of the ceremonial objects and procedures to perform the Marchang Ceremony. Then followed with demonstration and student activity. Students participated keenly and they executed proficiently. Few mistakes were corrected immediately, and all the students were made to memorize the Marchang liturgy. Students knew the names of the marchang ceremonial objects, the procedures and the reasons for offering the marchang ceremony. Many have already memorized and given the oral test of Marchang text. This has helped students to learn the importance of preserving and promoting the rich and unique Bhutanese culture and heritage. To teach others one has to learn first. I too explored digitally, referred many books and got assistance from the Driglam lopens to understand the proper ways to perform the wine offering ceremony commonly known as Marchang ceremony in Bhutan. In order to transfer the knowledge especially to youth we can make the video clips and share in social medias, upload in internets or teach them during value education classes.
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