Mohmad Husain

Humanity & Environment

My aim & work is to help needy people, helping them to realize their needs and developing relationships through care. I organize people, activities and resources to work in helping the weak people. Below are some important in which I am working for the betterment of society as well as for the people of nation. - I provide mental health counseling to weak individuals. -I help people cope and fight with the challenges. – I help people in various situations of their lives. -There’s a strong desire inside me to work for the country about the future challenges like climate change,Peace and justice ,save trees save environment, say no plastic use ,clean water save life etc. -I give proper advice and counsel to help the people in fighting for their own identity. -I am always eager to help the weak citizens of the nation. -I help the young citizens to accomplish their goals. -I help the women of our society to fight back many difficult situations of their lives. -I am there to determine the needs and desires. -As a Social worker i help people in identifying and solve problems of their lives. -I am always trying to work in an organized way to help the society in need. -I don’t feel tired at any time. -I believe that our responsibilities are growing each and every day. -I just hate abuses and violence. -We dream of a healthy society and I struggle to build that. -Compassion is the virtue for a social worker like me. -I am always available to give you the mental support which the people really need. -I give advice to fight for your own happiness. -I always try hard for the benefit of vulnerable people. -I fight for women and their rights. -I believe in the equal importance of everyone in the society. -I struggle to bring the problem free future of our society etc. Regards Mohmad Husain
Healthy Planet
Environment and Sustainability
Peace and Community Engagement
Skills for LIfe