Extra Skills Development Through Scouting

Today we have decided to teach our Scouts one of the best skills of scouting which is Pioneering by a one day camp with complete demonstration of each techniques. We were very excited but they were more than us. First of all we gave them the theoretical knowledge of that particular topic as much as we could then we started their practical sessions. We have taught them firstly the knots, hitches and lashings. After that we have taken an individual demonstration exam for them. Then we started to teach them the pitching, stricking and packing of a double fly tent. At the end of the whole session we organized a gamr with all of them for fun.They all were very much happy with our session on pioneering. We asked them to prepare a model of some pioneering projects which they have learned today.

Better Choice
Communications and Scouting Profile
Interpersonal skills
Skills for Life

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