Boy Scouts Troop & Cub Scouts 400 Huntsville Alabama, USA

Boy Scouts Troop & Cub Scouts 400 Huntsville Alabama, USA

Over 30 years ago, Mr. Albert Farrar Sr. became involved with a troop registered by the Boys and Girls Club at the request of a board member who had paid for the charter. He discovered that the troop was not organized so he volunteered to be the Scoutmaster. After several scheduling conflicts and funding disputes, Mr. Farrar was asked to leave and take the troop with him. At the time, Mr. Hall B. Bryant Jr of H.C. Blake Co. Inc wanted Troop 400 for Searcy Homes. He contacted several nonprofit organizations and asked them to sponsor Troop and Pack 400. Failing to find a sponsor, Mr. Bryant made the decision to have his company sponsor the troop and pack.

Till his retirement in 2013, Mr. Farrar had the privilege of working with some very dedicated Scouters who continue to develop a Youth Development Program for the youth of Huntsville Public Housing and the surrounding low-income area!

For over 15 years, Shellie Mitchell and Keri Fletcher have been instrumental with Cub Scouts Pack 400! Apart from their weekly dedication in developing the lives through Cub Scouting, their programs have provided a phenomenal and life-changing experience for the children we serve in our low-income housing communities! They developed the “Project Great First Day” program that provides school supplies to all our children in our community at the beginning of their school year!  They also developed the “Angel Wreath” program that provides the children of our communities with Christmas gifts that puts joy and a smile on their faces during the Christmas season!

In 2009, Eagle Scout Tory Green, our current Scoutmaster, was selected to present the “National State of Boy Scouts of America” to the President of the United States and the Joint Session of Congress! Tory’s eye-catching Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project played a role in his selection. His project consisted of bringing together agencies that provide youth development services and at-risk students that needed their services. In adulthood, Tory through his leadership continues to exemplify to all our youth that they can overcome all the obstacles they face with the help of a supportive community and leading their lives according to the principles of Scouting!

For 30 years, our program has gained national attention for its efforts to provide youth development services to those who need it the most. We closely observed and tailored our program to meet the special needs of the children that we serve.

We continue to strive to assist the families of the children living in the public housing neighborhoods of inner-city Huntsville with opportunities to reach their full potential by addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional and relational poverty they experience.

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