From time immemorial Indian civilization gives importance to physical as well as mental wellbeing. Body and mind are not two separate things rather they are complementary to each other. If biologically one is ok, then automatically his mental health comes to a sound condition. And it leads to the spiritual upliftment of the person concerned. Believing this concept we, the Indians always try to focus on good health. From a very remote past, our ancestors have started the series of different physical exercises synchronizing the body with the respiratory system. "Surya Namaskar" is an ideal exercise that consists of 12 steps to develop the allround growth of a person. one should do it regularly. While observing "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence, our govt. decided to encourage this practice. As a result, a project was undertaken by the govt. to make 750 million people do Surya Namaskar. Being a part of ideal citizen Odisha State Bharat Scouts & Guides has encouraged its members from all over the state to participate in this project. It has been continuing since the 03 of January 2022.
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