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By joining Earth Tribe, your organization amplifies its impact with powerful alliances and resources. Together, we empower youth for a sustainable future.

Nurturing sustainable habits and eco-friendly lifestyles is only possible by reconnecting with nature. This is what the Champions for Nature Challenge is all about!

Connect with your country allies to implement this Challenge, and young people will discover how to make better choices and understand why nature and biodiversity are at stake. They will learn to solve environmental issues in their communities, adopt sustainable habits, and take action on wider eco-friendliness!

Start now and integrate the Champions for Nature Challenge into your NSO’s Youth Programme.

The sun can transform lives, communities, and cities via renewable energy! Young people can learn all about it in the Scouts Go Solar Challenge.

Through hands-on activities, this Challenge promotes the use of solar energy as a sustainable alternative to traditional power. Scouts will develop valuable knowledge and skills in harnessing the power of the sun and become solar ambassadors.

Start now and integrate the Scouts Go Solar Challenge into your NSO’s Youth Programme.

Our systems and bodies are drowning in plastic. Plastic pollution is affecting life on land, water, ecosystems, and cities. 

The Plastic Tide Turners Challenge enables young people to become catalysts in turning the tide on this devastating issue. Participants will develop creative ways to manage waste and come up with long-term solutions to reduce, reuse, and recycle, while raising awareness about the harmful impacts of plastics.

Start now and integrate the Plastic Tide Turners Challenge into your NSO’s Youth Programme.

How to implement?

Embrace the power to make a lasting impact! The EarthTribe initiative and your NSO are crucial to its success. Let's champion sustainability, preserve our planet, and shape a thriving future together.

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