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Perception Images

In this activity, you'll consider different images and explore how they make you think and feel...

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Bogus Bulletins

Find facts, not fake news, in this investigation of internet sources, and wander the web with...

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Balloon Perceptions

Using balloons, this is a short game which shows how protective we can be of our own identity and...

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Perception Pictionary

Through drawing and describing, explore your own perceptions and how the perceptions of others can...

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Boat Building

An activity of paper boat building, but with a hidden meaning. This game aims to simulate a...

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Can You Guess It?

Experience differences in perceptions through an interactive, quick-fire description and acting...

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Dialogue Zone

Discover your personal learning zone (dialogue zone) while getting more familiar with the comfort...

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10 Principles of Dialogue

Unscramble the sentence to build the 10 Principles of Dialogue!

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