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A Teaspoon of Happiness

This activity is part of the upcoming Health & Well-being Initiative - stay tuned for more information!

In this activity, you will get the opportunity to spread happiness to your friends or family! Sharing a positive message can change someone's day in a powerful way. You will write about scouting, friends or other topics, but most importantly, you will help promote kindness and reflection. This fosters a supportive and creative environment, encouraging respect and uplifting ourselves and others.

Materials Needed

  • Colored cardboard
  • Markers
  • Scissors 
  • Tape

Key Competencies

  • Critical thinking
  • Self-awareness 
Activity Description
  1. Gather Materials:
    Prepare colored cardboard and markers. Find a designated space for your "Sharing Happiness" wall.

  2. Set the Objective:
    Reflect on the people you love and the positive impact they've had on your life. Your goal is to write kind and happy messages that express your appreciation and love for them.

  3. Start Writing:
    Take a moment to think about each person individually. Write heartfelt messages about their qualities, the memories you've shared, or simply how much they mean to you. Let your emotions guide your words.

  4. Hang the Messages:
    Once you've written the messages, place them on the "Sharing Happiness" wall. Arrange them creatively and, as you do, think about how each message represents your feelings and the love you have for the recipients.

  5. Reflect on Your Words:
    Spend time reading the messages you've written. Take in the positive energy and the happiness they convey. Consider how writing these messages has made you feel and the impact they might have on the recipients.

  6. Gratitude and Empathy:
    Use this self-learning experience to cultivate gratitude for the people in your life and empathy for their experiences. Recognize the power of kind words in spreading happiness and strengthening connections.

  7. Optional Sharing:
    If you feel comfortable, share your experience on social media. This way, you can extend the positive messages beyond your immediate circle and inspire others to engage in similar acts of kindness. Remember: you always need to ask for the consent of others (and from parents of minors) before posting pictures of them online.

  8. Regular Reflection:
    Keep the "Sharing Happiness" wall as a reminder to regularly reflect on the importance of spreading love and positivity. Consider adding new messages over time to continue fostering a positive and kind atmosphere.

  9. Embrace the Impact:
    Embrace the knowledge that even small acts of kindness, like writing and sharing positive messages, can have a significant impact on the happiness and well-being of the people you love, as well as on your inner growth and contentment.

  10. Questions for Discussion:
    Once you completed the activity, make sure to reflect on questions like these:

  • How did writing and sharing positive messages on the "Sharing Happiness" wall make you feel? Did it bring up any particular emotions or memories?
  • What did you learn about the power of kind words and the impact they can have on both yourself and the recipients of the messages?
  • How can you incorporate the practice of spreading kindness and positivity into your daily life beyond this activity? What are some specific actions you can take to make a positive difference in the lives of others?
Get Ready for the Activity
  • This activity can be done individually to promote self-awareness and reflection, or it can also be done by teams or patrols.
  • If working in teams, try creating a happiness wall together.

Time needed

30 minutes


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Time needed

30 minutes