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Matching Languages Game

This activity is part of the upcoming Life Skills Initiative - stay tuned for more information!

In this activity, you will match word cards with the correct language cards, promoting language comprehension. By placing the word correctly, you'll not only strengthen your language skills but also enhance your communication and cooperation. The debriefing questions will allow you to reflect on your learning experience and celebrate your progress.

Key Competencies
  • Critical thinking 
  • Problem-solving
Materials Needed
  • Flashcards with the name of the languages
  • Flashcards with the words or phrases 
Activity Description
  1. Distribute the cards on the floor. Place the language cards in a row and pile the cards with the words in a corner (English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, etc.).

  2. Explain to your team that the purpose of the game is to match each word card under the correct language card. 

  3. Either distribute the word cards among everyone or ask them to name a person who will show each card and then decide as a team where to place the word. 

  1. Encourage the group to guess the meaning of the word and learn the correct pronunciation of each. 

  1. Once the game is done, open a space to discuss these questions:

  • What is something new you learned? 
  • Which language would you like to learn? 
  • Do you know any other language besides your mother tongue? 
  • What are some tools you can use to learn new languages? 
  • Do you think learning other languages is important? Why?

Additional Idea:

You could also use these cards to play memory:

  • Place each card facedown on a table.
  • Each participant can take a turn and turn two cards face-side-up.
  • If the face-up cards are not matching words, turn them back over and let the next person go.
  • The goal is to remember where each card is.
  • If you turn over matching cards, you get to keep the pair. 
Get Ready for the Activity

These are some of the words and languages you can use:

  • ありがとう  (Arigatō) Japanes  
  • เพื่อน (Pheụ̄̀xn) - Thai  
  • 안녕  (annyeong) - Korean  
  • شكرا  (Shukran) - Arabic  
  • Bonjour - French  
  • Gute Nacht - German  
  • Felicidade - Portuguese  
  • Amigos - Spanish  
  • Corazón - Spanish  
  • Ciao - Italian 
  • يلّا (Yalla) - Arabic  
  • Teşekkürler - Turkish  
  • Witam - Polish  
  • Ragazzo  - Italian  
  • good night - English 


Time needed

28 minutes


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Time needed

28 minutes