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WOSM Quality Standard–Initiation of the Rollout Phase

WOSM is committed to ensure each of its 163 National Scout Organizations reach a level of governance standards up to international standards, which will in turn enable each NSO to implement the highest quality of youth program and adult leader support system for it. The process in which WOSM realizes this commitment - strengthen its NSOs in good governance practices - is what we call Global Support System based on which, (1) NSOs can assess their performance against international best practice and identify their challenges and areas for improvement. Based on the outcomes of their assessment, (2) NSOs can get support to prioritize an action plan with concrete objectives and measurable results and when required identify the support required (3). All this would be monitored regularly and shared on the Global Support web platform, on the intranet of, to tell the story and inspire other NSOs (4). Based on this, WOSM developed it's own Standard, The Global Support Assessment Tool, that assesses compliance of a National Scout Organization (NSO) towards international best practices in Good Governance and Quality Scouting. Link to the Standard (GSAT v1.2) The WOSM Quality Standard–Initiation of the Roll-out Phase objectives are:
  • To conduct GSAT Assessments across WOSM Regions to help NSOs identify their areas of improvement.
  • To roll-out the Global Support approach at Regional levels to support those NSOs and follow-up on their assessments outcomes.
  • Develop the internal and self version of the GS Assessment Tool to make it more available to a wider audience which has different needs.
  • Develop an online platform on the intranet bringing together all support resources available within the Scouting Movement.
    • Update As of today (June 2016), 55 NSOs assessment their capacity with GSAT, over 70 volunteers have been training to the tool to support those NSOs. Outcomes of the GSAT Assessment have been presented to key stakeholders as a basis for discussion coming priorities as WOSM level. Self-Assessment Guidelines were developed and are now available to all NSO (link) and an internal version of the assessment, called WOSM Assessments, was roll-out to three Regions. More information on
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