When Rover Scouts joined for Rescue!

When Rover Scouts joined for Rescue!

“Emergency Response Team”, a specially skilled division grouped under State Headquarters of Kerala State Bharat Scouts and Guides, State Branch of Bharat Scouts and Guides (India) have completed its four day service at Malayatoor, Kerala State, India on Monday, April 22, 2019.

Off the way to Malayatoor Kurishumudi Church through the jungle pilgrim track, there are hundreds of reported cases where the pilgrims collapse down due to injuries, low blood pressure, low glucose level and of various other reasons.  Based on the request from the church authorities considering the service of this team for last 6 years, the team was re-grouped again with 35 trained rover scouts from different parts of the state, who have provided round the clock medical rescue, technical and engineering services during the Easter holy week of April 2019.

“We divided Malayatoor Mountain into 7 sectors and each sector was assigned with a rover scout to guard and report any causalities or other emergencies like missing children or a fire breakout to the Scout Control Room. The Control Room, which function with advanced HAM Radio and Hotline Facilities will immediately send rescue team to the reported location for first aid. If the situation is worse, the casualty is carried downhill and taken to the hospital immediately using our off road rescue van”, said Ramhari Narayanan, who led the Emergency Response Team this year.

Apart from the dispensaries in the hilltop and base, there was also an improvised clinic with a full time doctor setup along with the control room in the midst of the jungle track, which have served more than two hundred pilgrims who seek medical aid. There were around 60+ child missing cases which was recovered in less than half an hour and closed along the service, apart from other services rendered. Team was also used to clear the fire break-outs and giving assistance to the aged during the pilgrim trail.

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