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Water Project - President Community Service

The system to draw the drinking water out of the well of that school was not at an efficient level. Motors were not there to do so. We the scouts acted inorder to make I easy and give that school's students a clean supply of water.
The project was executed in a school in kalugahathanna area. The junior scouts accompanied the idea and the actions taken by the senior scouts and were successfully able to complete this deed.
The water plant and the system we implemented could be used by the school's children as well as the neighbourhood people incase of emergency as it has always been in rural areas. So there can be a lot of beneficiaries of this project.
Implementation of this project was not an easy task for us. What we could learn was that there can be such schools and organisations who support education but still not have the infrastructure facilities that the beneficiaries of those organisations are seeking for. Thereby we will continue to do such important projects in the future.
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