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Uwezo Youth Development Programme (UYDP)

About Us“Uwezo” is the Swahili word for “Ability”. Uwezo Youth Development Project (UYDP) is a an independent, non-political, community based, youth development organization registered and based in Mombasa, Kenya. Our BackgroundIn Kenya, the young people form by far the largest percentage of the entire population. They are also the most vulnerable to influence. Though educated, skilled and energetic, their potentials have not been fully tapped due to the long time exclusion from the development processes at most levels of leadership and governance. This is characterized by the many jobless young people and their increased involvement in crime and many other deviant behaviors. UYDP aims at nurturing potentials and abilities of young people and empowering them to rise above their challenges for prosperity. It also seeks to turn these young men and women into a vital pool of resourceful ambassadors of change; who will in turn help to transform their own lives and that of their communities for the realization of a better world.Our PhilosophyUwezo Youth Development Project recognizes and appreciates the wealth of talents, skills and abilities that lie idle in the young people. It is founded on the six pillars of Volunteerism, Service to others, Equality for all, Learning by doing, Hope and Community Focus. This set of values shall ensure that the objectives and ideals of UYDP are furthered so as to live the mission and realize the vision. UYDP shall also work to secure a collaborative partnership with the community for the relevance and sustainability of its programmes. Through the activities in our programmes the young people shall be empowered to discover themselves, boost their capacities both to cooperate and lead; and to become more aware, prepared and motivated to face the challenges of lifeOur Mission The mission of Uwezo Youth Development Project is to nurture the abilities and strengthen the empowerment of young people in personal and community development with the vision of developing a pool of empowered young people; who shall be agents of change in transforming the lives of their communities for the realization of a better world for all."Our Objectives Youth Empowerment, Environment and Climate Change, Poverty Eradication and Peace Building Our Strategy Capacity Building, Opportunity Creation and Partnerships and Linkages Our Slogan: Empowering Youth to Transform Communities
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