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Tree Plantation


Tree plantation is one of the great idea to save environment. Tree plantation is always fruitful for over climate. Its reduced the climate change process. I am a nature lover so i always did such an activity to save our environment.

Many amazing things given by nature and we should care for these things. as a nature lover i love to tree plantation and watering or take care of them. My project was implemented in my school and near by my school area. This project can be implemented any where in the world. I had worked with my scout & guides troop on this project and we are care taker of one own plant.

Our surrounding people definitely benefited from this project. Its an initiative for save environment .it will impacts on our nature in a positive manners. Everyone will take benefit from it and its our dedicated effort from me and my team.

We learned that thee is not alternate to save environment than tree plantation. It is helpful to save the nature. I love trees and plants.

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