Training and Capacity Building/Activity 4 - Basic Unit Leaders Training Course

Scouting a movement that fosters and empower young people in developing their physical, social, spiritual, intellectual and creative skills. It is vital that leaders are trained to meet this requirement. Therefore it is necessary that leaders undergo proper training that enables them to achieve this mission of scouting. Scouts have been taking part in community activities in times of need but there is need for Scouts to take part in community development and play a more vital role in the community as community building plays an important role in character building of scouts. This can be achieved by the guiding and facilitating of trained adults who has the necessary skills.  In order to ensure that Scouting achieves its mission of helping young people to become useful citizens it’s important that the adult leaders have the proper knowledge, skills, and attitude so that they will be able to create the learning atmosphere that caters towards this development. By developing the knowledge and skills of leaders and increasing the role of the scout groups in development activities within their respective Islands the outcome would be that these scout groups/units would be able to run their individual community projects within their communities so trained leaders is an important asset.
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