"Together with parents life is better"
Maria Bobeica Iacubitchii

"Together with parents life is better"

The contest has as a purpose the promotion of family values, discovery of young talents and their encouragement. Ursachi Cristina wrote: "I am teenager and I am already trying to solve my problems by myself, but it's hard. Knowing that it is not advice, that love has been so far, I’m feeling bad. The first step, first smile, first mistake, I felt them on my parent’s love. They are the ones who are close to you at any time, any problem and joy. They are the ones who support me and encourage me. But we often upset them, without understanding that it hurts, but they understand us and forgive us. My parents are away, but anyway I know that for them there are no persons more important than us-their children. The parents wish for us all the best. Only they are whose who gave us life, joy and love. Each spring, every ray of sunshine is a new beginning. This beginning close to the saints is livelier. For each child, at first glance, the parents were the best and will always be the most important person. I love my parents and I always will. With parents together the life fills up and gives miracle...! Other scout, Ursachi Laura wrote: “When we were kids, our parents were not sleeping nights to raise us healthy and to have a good and lovely family. They understand our soul’s pain. Parents give us life, love, everything need for a great family. They go abroad to work to ensure us with all necessary. Better care that our parents have for us, no one will wear. I love my parents more than my life and I will always love them. Indeed, with parents together live is better!”
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