Strengthening the Interamerican Region- Reunite

The direct follow-up with National Scout Organizations entails the development of necessary skills to address daily challenges. Additionally, it enables us to collectively advance towards achieving the objectives set forth in the Regional Plan. This is the purpose of the World Scout Bureau.

A series of services were carried out with the purpose of strengthening the capabilities of National Scout Organizations in various strategic areas outlined in the Regional Plan. Each of these services focused on enhancing capacities in areas such as adult scouting, youth program, effective governance, organizational growth, strategic partnerships, and communications. Reaching 300 services delivered to NSOs.

For the current triennium 2022-2025, during the years 2022 and 2023, 120 new service requests have been received, with Good Governance being the most requested service followed by the Youth and Adult Program in the Scout Movement. 

The NSOs that have requested the most services and received support in this triennium are, in order: Panama, Ecuador and Colombia. 

To deliver services, WOSM has a total of 240 consultants who have been chosen for their experience and knowledge in their area and who have been trained and supported during their life cycle as consultants, based on the World Policy on Adults in Scouting. 

Out of these 240 consultants, 48 belong to NSOs in IAR. This group of consultants is the one who has been in charge of attending to the 219 service requests received to date. In addition to the 7 Staff members who also act as consultants. 

We need to improve time management to meet the established deadlines, as well as utilize shared resources to expand our impact.

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