Small Groups cleaning Power

As volunteerism is one of the way a person can accommodate self-satisfaction, where he/she can be proud of doing what others can't. so I decide to stand as a change by bring changes in the community in my own small ways like helping, servicing the community.
The project was implemented in the area of Tashicholing, Samtse where there were waste all over the area. so I initiated the cleaning camping with a volunteer of 12 peoples. All the volunteers were made into pair as one would fill in the sack and the other would pick the wastes.
Many peoples were benefited from the project as cleaning the area helped them in having a clean area and we even spread awareness of waste management. Peoples were inspired by our work as I had less volunteers and were small but were able to make a great difference.
I got a wisdom from the project. "if one is willing to work for change why cant others" with respect to that as I implemented this project I got to understand that peoples are willing to volunteer but they lack communications. so I decide from here onwards I will try to implement such projects with a mass volunteers.
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