Slovenian scouts helping out the homeless
Jay-Ar Catabona

Slovenian scouts helping out the homeless

On a sunny Wednesday in February the slovenian scouts visited daycare center for homeless people in the center of our capital city, Ljubljana. This event was a part of our voluntary project called Days of Social Responsibility. We were a group of 15 scouts, coming mainly from Ljubljana, but also from other scouts associations scattered on different parts of Slovenia. Our work there comprised of preparing the evening meal, playing board games with the homeless, helping out in the laundry room and aid with their part of socially responible work. To us, the most interesting part was, of course, the interaction with the homeless. Each and every one of them is a complex person with its own needs and desires in life. Many of them have some goals in life, whether they are doable or not. To our great surprise, some were also very picky when it came to clothes, their colour and size. But that only confirms that they retained their preferences and interests. Still, all are not like this. We noticed a slight change frm last year, when we gave them our first visit. The age and profile of the inmates changed. Typically, the synonym for homeless in Slovenia used to be a middle-aged drunkard. But nowadays, they are mostly drug addicts and of a younger age. Since this structure is only a reflection of current economic and political state, we can only ask ourselves, what the profile of the homeless will be like next year. WRITTEN BY: TAJDA
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