Slovak Scouting brand refresh

Refreshing our visual identity has multiple benefits: unified force in communication, increased interest in scouting, support for Scout Groups, and adaptation to the digital world. Unifying visual communication ensures recognition and engagement. A revitalized brand enhances awareness and attracts new members. Providing materials and tools helps in a professional and consistent representation. Adapting to the digital era sparks interest among children and young people.
We created a brand strategy that defines our target audience, our story, vision, values, what makes scouting unique, and how to spread our message to our target group. We prepared a project plan to guide the visual identity change process. We provided a brief to marketing agencies and studios to receive relevant proposals. With selected professionals, we started the logo and visual concept creation. We showed it to the board and the internal public. The launch was on the 11.5.2023.
The scouts who will benefit from this project are from around the country. These are mainly scouts leaders and local teams in the age group from 18 to 30 years old. They will use this project's outputs to promote and represent Slovak Scouting in their communities. The project will also impact parents of children who could consider scouting as an activity for their children and also for children themselves, resulting in more scouts in local communities helping them.
> Invite a public figure to boost the reach of your brand launch event and increase visibility. Their presence can create more engagement and interest among members. > Share the new visuals with internal stakeholders for feedback before the brand launch. Their input ensures a smoother transition and aligns everyone with the changes. > Communicate upcoming changes well in advance to minimize resistance. > Prepare your team to handle feedback on social media, both positive and negative.
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