Single use Plastic Free Area

Single use Plastic Free Area

We the member of Madhya Howrah Bayam Samity Scouts / Guides Group think and taking a initiative to aware our Group Members, their families and the local community to know the herm of single use plastic for our local area and for the environment as well, along with ‘Save Water and Save Life’, clean the Water Spots and restrict the wastage of water, under SDG 13 Climate Change.

Our Group have a small Hobby and Handicraft centre since inception. On 15th September afternoon we teach our members along with their Guardians for how to make a simple paper bag in home and use that in our regular life. 

We motivate them to prepare Paper Bag with old news paper and used project chat papers and bring it on Saturday 21st September 2019 afternoon to distribute the local community and awaring them the herm of single use plastic and told them if they want they can learn it from our Group.

On 21st September 2019 at

  1. 3:30 pm we meet our group premises for Scout Prayer then the members show that their work on Paper Bag. A little speech given by our rovers the significant of 21st September World Peace Day, and what is Climate Change SDG 13, how we can participate it.
  2. 4:15 pm all the members along with the guardians taking the Pledge.
  3. 4:30 pm we gathered at the street, distribute the Paper Bags and Awaring the people not to use the plastic use alternative like this Paper Bag and if they want to learn it can contact us.
  4. 6:00 pm we return at our group premises and distributed the tooth paste among the members which is given by one of the well-wishers.
  5. 6:15 taking a sweet and conclude with National Anthem.
  6. Highlights : During our programme on 21st September the eminent footballer of Indian

    Football and presently the Honorary Member of Parliament Sri Prasun Bandhyopadhyay also visited the spot and motivate our members along with

    the local public for our Nobel initiative.

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