"Scouts Beat the Summer Heat"

In Bangladesh, the scorching summer heat poses significant challenges for many individuals. During this period, ordinary citizens, particularly commuters and daily wage earners, endure severe conditions that can lead to illness. To alleviate their discomfort and offer support, we have launched this initiative. As we continue into the second day, we are steadfast in executing our plans to provide temporary relief and aid.
We are united as a team from the Crystal Open Scouts Rover group, dedicated to executing this project. Around 12 Rover team members have actively engaged in this initiative. Our efforts involve distributing refreshing beverages to ordinary citizens and commuters to alleviate their discomfort. As of the second day, we have successfully served approximately 620 individuals through this project.
"For the people, with the people. The second principle of scouting is to be a friend to all. It is the obligation of all friends to support each other. Our commitment is to consistently support the community to the best of our ability."
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