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My Mother. She always tells me about good health. That I must learn how to do first aid so that somebody is need of my help t he at i can do it. And because I am a church youth volunteer here in Philippines.I am engaged in all kinds of individuals, so we,5 scouts take this kind of project.
HEALTH AND SAFETY IS A MUST! I am Scout Ayessah Nicole Pagao, A grade 8 students and a member of Boy Scout Of the Philippines under Don Bosco Phantom. Before we start our project, we undergo training so that we perform our projects well. With the help of Desaster Response Team in our church, we made our project possible. It took 12 hours to make this project. We started at 6:00am and finished by 7:00pm. We assist people checks their blood pressure and others.
Many people come and ask to check their blood pressure, their oxygen,level, heart rate by using blood pressure apparatus and oximeter. We also advice them to eat healthy so that their condition might not getting worse. They're very happy to see us young people doing this kind of services to them. They said that eventhough we are very young we manage to help and never fear on doing it.
I learned that no matter how young or old we are, we can help even it is in our own little way. Never fear on doing thing, with the guidance of the trained people around you, you can do it.Helping other is a big achievement for us. Young ones can do more thing than expected.
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