SANGALAB Circle 10 launch Urban Gardening
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SANGALAB Circle 10 launch Urban Gardening

The San Mateo Municipal Rover Scouts Mission Circle 10 Sangalab conducted a project name "Urban Gardening Batch 1". It is all about planting different vegetable with the purpose to show the benefits of planting vegetables in the middle of pandemic.

The scout started to planted these seeds on July 15, 2020 at Ibiza, Brgy. Malanday San Mateo Rizal. Before the circle put these seeds on the soil, the scouts find first a good, healthy and fertile soil to make suree it will grow healthy. After the group planted these seeds they maintain and care the plant everyday until it will grow, As the day goes by the seed are continues to grow. The seed are came from the Department of Agriculture of San Mateo Rizal. It has been 47 days since the seeds were planted, August 31 2020 the scouts have already begun to harvest these vegetable like ladies fingers or ochro, legumes, mustard and eggplant.


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