Hellena Sailas

Recycling of plastic waste into Eco-bricks

I grew up in the coastal community ,my parents are fisheries there are someday when my dad where complaining of ocean bad weather and lack of fish and once I asked dad why is that happen and he told me that he don’t know .I was curious to know the problem when I was in collage a got chance to read more about aquaculture I wanted to help my parents to get solution or to identify the problem and after studying many research I found that marine litters especially plastic waste
Arena Recycling Industry is a social business that committed to offer Eco-friendly building materials made from recycled plastic waste for construction of houses, pit latrines, water tanks and septic tanks, we ventured a polymer-sand technology to combat the environmental mitigation caused by plastic pollution while fabricating building materials to alleviate the poor sanitation and hygiene
Arena Recycling have created 20 indirect jobs and 7 direct jobs, through the whole process of collecting plastic waste from different source, sorting, segregating, crushing and the whole production of Eco-bricks, currently 70% of employees are women we intend to help women who are living less than 2$ per day. we have partnered with International organizations to construct primary toilet by using Eco-bricks made from recycled plastic waste
How to work with local government and community, How to write project proposal I have learned also how to manage fund
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