Sahiru Kosgahakumbura
Sri Lanka

A ray of hope

When I took part in a community service project organized by a friend of mine at the School for the Deaf in Ratmalana. I witnessed that the dining halls used by the students and hostellers were unclean and unhygienic and could affect the health and wellbeing of the students occupying it. In view of the above I strongly felt that this project will be very useful and helpful as these students will benefit from it and have a clean dining hall with a healthy environment for the next few years
Despite the pandemic situation we were given the green light to execute to project in accordance with the health guidelines. Once gathered at the School for the Deaf Ratmalana I went through the days' tasks and clearly instructed as to what I needed done from each person and everyone responded positively completing all their share of work exceeding my expectations. The work was done in a neat, methodical way and hence we were highly efficient and even managed to finish before the due time.

The feedback that I received from all the parties that benefit from the the dining hall made us realize that what we did in just one day had made a huge impact in their lives. We were overwhelmed by the emotions of the students that saw their newly renovated dining hall and it was heartwarming to witness them make use of it.

By organizing this project I have learned to be responsible and use the available resources wisely in order to successfully achieve the target. The entire project initiative from planning to successfully executing was no easy task and it came with numerous obstacles along the way and I gained a profusion of experience through facing many challenges and effectively mitigating them.

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