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Providing a Hand to Many Hands

For the first time when l saw people wearing coulourful uniforms, proudly providing service to the needy ones, l thought that one day l will also become someone who helps others in need. As a scout, l worked very hard so that l can also wear a uniform like them and help people in many ways.
During the time of a special festival in our locality, l got to volunteer and provide service to people for the very first time. I along with other volunteers helped people as much as we can. We helped them sit organized during the perfomances and we also helped people in providing directions of places they didn't know (like toilets and many more) Moreover, we helped people during times of receiving blessings from special lamas and statues.
At the end of the celebration, my voluntarism helped me learn about good ways to communicate with public, gaining courage and how providing service to people makes them and yourself happy.
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