Prepared summer drinks & food for Covid Warriors

Prepared summer drinks & food for Covid Warriors

During this pandemic COVID-19 all over the globe we all are going through hard times and are in safe zones just because of our brave warriors who have prooved themselves an another form of God in this COVID-19 pandemic virus.

Without thinking about themselves and by dedicating wholly with complete mind and souls they are contributing there day and night sleep for the country. They are continuing with their work non-stop, without any break with a belief to get everyone free with this pandemic. To pay a vote of thanks to all these warriors not only by saluting but also by taking care of their health in minds we took an initiative to prepare some energetic drinks and food as summer is on head and it's very brave to stand whole day under the sun. This way of thanking to our country's policemen, sweepers including all warriors bring a sweet smile on their faces who and fulfill them with an enthusiasm who have been contributing their whole body and soul to save our lives.

No. Of participants =6

Service hours per day =6

Total service hours = 6*6*7=252hrs

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